And They Say There's No God???

First, this post was unplanned, I intended to start unveiling some of the goodies I promised to drop in bits, but then, Man proposes, God disposes.

You see ehn, permit me to say that I'm the most loved person by God, yes, He may love You too but hey, I can't stand in the line for You, every man for himself right about now, I can only verge for me because of my personal encounters which are too numerous to be listed.

Please, It's going to be a long read, be patient to finish up and see the awesomeness of my God.

Only yesterday the 29th day of March 2016, Easter Monday to be precise, yet again, Jesus did it again. I'll be too stupid and foolish all in one not to share my encounter.

My Easter Sunday started off good but didn't end so well because of a fall out.

Well like I say, everything happens for a reason especially in the lives of those who devoutly pray for divine protection and meditate on the words and wonders of the Almighty Father day and night. The fallout to me was intentionally plotted by God himself.  Pheeew, that said, I'll ride on.

Easter Monday was an awesome one, I stepped out of my apartment at about 1 pm, this was as a result of an orphanage outing organised by a church, the idea was to put a smile on the yet to be seen children in my own little way and take cute selfies with them, I had planned all of that in my head since Easter Sunday immediately I heard the announcement in church. I'm so adopting so many children alongside my future biological children, if I had my way, I'll steal any cute baby I see. That's my weakness but I believe God understands.

In truth, things didn't go well as planned when I got to church, too many politics here and there, I was so irritated and left, I was too angry, and returning home wasn't going to solve no issue so I went to my good friend's house, her name is Joy Dirisu, God bless the day I reunited with this chick.

Fast forward to few hours later, I told her I wanted us to go out and just chill for a bit instead of just staying back ahome gisting our bodies and souls out, lol, we always have too much to talk about, little did I know that was the escape route, we went to join some friends at the pool side and of course we had shared memories, I even made an amazing friend out of the clique, that's how lit it was, I'm never too quick to call someone friend, It was an intense outing, yet lit much.

We left the pool side at about 10:35pm and of course it was too late to return home solo, so I crashed over at Joy's place. This was so unlike me cos I looked at my wristwatch when it was 8.15 pm and I had the intention of leaving but God just strategically delayed me without my notice, funny enough, I wasn't in the mood to immerse myself in the pool cos of  some sensitive reasons. I was just the only chick behind the scene watching my people have fun.

Today, Tuesday morning, 6:59 am, while I was at the verge of dashing out, my neighbour Ene calls and she says, "there was a robbery incident at home, only your door wasn't tampered with, call me back, I'm out of credit" and then she hangs up. "maka Chukwu", my heart was in my mouth, I couldn't even leave immediately, my heart was racing, my legs wouldn't move, all that was in my head was how to get home and see the miracle first hand.

At about 8:50 am, I was home, My goodness, these robbers robbed virtually all the houses in the close excluding two houses, the giant security dog in one of the house wouldn't let them in, and this other house which is directly opposite my apartment. The family in that particular house were in the habit of praying at mid-night hours daily, those family motivate me real good. and in truth, and I believe God was at work in their household. I'm not making things up about the "midnight praying house".

In the compound where I take my dwelling, I can't even describe what happened, I wish You could all come to where I reside so that you see firsthand how this bad guys penetrated. Please, I'll try to be truthful and expository as possible.

First, there is a security gate in the compound where I reside, but the funny thing is that they passed through the barbwire by the left hand side of the fence. According to one of my helpless neighbour who first noticed this ugly incident, It took them about 5 mins to cut and make their way through, this people came with their equipment, they were fully armed and were in great numbers. *The overall security system in my dear country Nigeria is too poor to a fault and it hurts.

"They" pulled down burglary proofs, broke doors, used hammers to break walls, came with cutlasses to kill anyone that comes in their way, blood stains here and there, they beat up one of my neighbour who is a married man, at the moment he is hospitalized, he's suffering from an internal bleeding, they made away with laptops, phones, money, credit cards, and valuables, the only door they didn't touch was mine. Let me break it down, they passed through my apartment to go to the next and then the next and the next, I had plans of returning home immediately after the Orphanage outing and PHCN refused to bring the light before I set out, I forgot to put things in place. My lights were on, windows open, my lemon bag and purse where I have important documents were sitting pretty on my bed, my laptop was just on the floor there, along side my other cell phone, my bedroom curtain wasn't properly closed, my kitchen curtain was open, remember I said all the lights were on, I didn't even turn off my fan, one could take a sneak peek at my cubicle and see it all, but according to the reports I gathered, they didn't even touch my door, not to talk of sneak-peeking. What grace! What Favour! What Love! Who is like unto my God? nobody! My God keeps me away from trouble all the time, each time, I'm always an inch away from disaster or never present whenever trouble arises, and I return to hear the stories. It was divinely structured by God for me not to return home last night. At about 8:15 pm when I realized I needed to set out while with the clique at the pool side, going home was on my mind but then, I still remained there, this was so unlike me, I always return home, I'm too busy at night.

I stay alone, how would I have handled the trauma all by myself? how? Lord Jesus, I can't stop crying over the wonders of your unconditional love and faithfulness. Thank You!

When You have grace, it affects the closest person around you, my flatmate wasn't robbed, she was close to being robbed, babe stucked herself into her kitchen cabinet, how she did it with her not so plumpy self, I'm clueless.*God at work still. She hid all her valuables, they peeped into her apartment, tried to make their way into her place but saw nothing handy to make away with, they made sure they peeped thoroughly through all the windows to confirm no one was inside and they said  "she no dey"  please how did they know it was a she that lived there? This I kept pondering while the neighbours narrated the ordeal to me.

There's more to add about the other houses they robbed, but let me just take a halt and just stop!

Right about now, all I can say is Thank You Jesus, and from the bottom of my heart Lord Jesus, thank you for loving me unconditionally. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Please endeavour to recite Psalm 121 each day even if you don't have the energy to say a lengthy prayer, that Psalm has preservered me from all manner of danger since the year 2008 till date and is a "scriptural jazz", you can ask around.

P.S: I just bragged in the lord, there was zero intention of exhibiting any certain degree of pride whatsoever. All I pen down have deeper contents only me can comprehend. Stuff is too deep, too much occur in my life. In all again, Thank You Jesus! It was You and You alone overall and You know it.

No Blogging Without You, Thank you for Visiting.


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