Just Some Sweet Words That Will Lighten Up Your Day

Be committed to getting better everyday.

Oh that today,we would be different and unusual

Extravagance is a life of advantage and not disadvantage.

Let's be word addicts and not coke addicts.

The profiting is in the practice of the word.

Some watch things happen, some make make things happen. Be the latter.

The violent ones take it by force, therefore, spiritual violence has being legalized.

Let the devil access everything but your mind.

What you believe is what your mind turns into

Eagles don't talk, parrots talk.

Don't fight every battle. Focus on your focus.

Learn how to talk sense into your siblings.

Focus on problems, you get focus. Focus on opportunities, you get opportunities.

There's no one like you.

Quit looking at other people.

Maintain your uniqueness.

There is something in our lives that can announce us to the world.

Be patient with greatness.

If you didn't have a good childhood, have a good adulthood.

Never put a full-stop to any exploit of the enemy in anybody's life.

Change: Something you have to deal with all the time.

Success don't just happen and it is never accidental.

Grow up, don't just show up.

You will never possess what you are unwilling to pursue.

Find a way.

Don't let your memory outweigh your dream.

Your yesterday is inferior to your today.

Be a business man and woman of the kingdom.

And the greatest is love. Display an usual kind of love to everybody you come in contact with.

Hope this piece fed your body with some soul foods. *wink

Have a great day and a great week Fam.              #Remember to share this piece with a friend.

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