David's Victory Is Contagious

David inspires all generation to fight, therefore our victory will inspire others, Amen.

Do You know David was only 17 years old when he confronted Goliath? You think you're too young, you should think again.

Do You know David changed the name of the city because of his singular act of bravery? Oh yes! the name of the city was changed from Jepusite to Jerusalem after his victory. You can change any circumstance by the level of bravery You possess.

David didn't bury the head of Goliath in Bethlehem but in Jerusalem. Never bury the monument where You are born but where You are heading to. 

David killed Goliath and used same weapon Goliath intended to use against him, but You see, the good-news was that, David not only killed him but beheaded him and kept his head. What ever you "kill", you keep. Every negativity should be trampled upon, subdued and eliminated.

Just like the level of faith David exhibited, we should be committed to having faith in God. Faith doesn't need no paper work. Just do it! Take the first step and then the next.

Like David, we would emerge a victor and be announced to the public. God doesn't only bless us in private, He wants everybody to know.

Today, we would do exact same thing Goliath intended to do to righteous David, we would steal his sword, kill his body and destroy(severe) his head, for David's victory is entirely contagious.

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