Let Me tell You A Story...

Story! Story!!,

Once upon a time,

In the Ocean of Ellahillz, there lived numerous amount of small fishes and one giant fish(a shark), the shark was in the habit of swallowing the smaller fishes and this continued for a long time until there were only three fishes left in the mighty Ocean of Ellahillz.

The three surviving fishes dreaded the shark with all their might.

One fateful day, the three fishes were in great danger and they instantly remembered they had a Mighty God who was far above the skies watching them, and in union, they called on God and He took compassion on them and answered.

God left his heavenly throne and came down to the Ocean of Ellahillz and said to the three fishes, "make a wish!" This wish was a measure to prevent them from the attack of  the shark that posed as a serious threat to their lives and means of livelihood.

Fish One: Dear God, I wish that you exchange my tiny eyes for giant eyes, this way, it would enable me see the shark when its 100 kilometers away and I'll flee for succor, this way I'll be safe.

Fish Two: Dear God, I wish that you grant unto me giant wings to fly up above the sky whenever the shark came around, this way, I'll be safe.

Fish Three: Dear God, I don't want any extra feature added unto me, I believe I look just the way You want me to and I feel great this way, I only want your presence, this way I'll be safe.

Then God granted their respective wish and returned to his throne situated far above the skies...

One day, the shark came visiting, this time they were so excited about their respective immunity and used their new gifts with great confidence.

Fish one who now possessed a perfect vision noticed the shark from a distance and hurriedly swam away from the Ocean of Ellahillz to another seaside with minimal water where the shark couldn't survive in, this worked perfectly for Fish One.

Fish Two stretched out his brand new giant wings and flew high above the sky, this excited Fish two greatly.

Fish Three had a human shadow always present, the shark noticed the shadow, became terrified and made a U-turn, this way Fish Three was safe. The shark became sober and returned with an empty belly to where it came from without hurting any of them.

Days past, the minimal water at the seaside where Fish One swam to dried up as a result of the blazing sun and unfortunately, Fish One died. An eagle strolled out to hunt for food and saw Fish Two up in the sky, the eagle was so excited! it thanked God for providing it with a miracle fish in the sky and quickly reached out for the fish, Fish Two was devoured by the eagle and it died.

Fish three was all by itself in the Ocean of Ellahillz and it was the only survivor.

and this is the end of my story...*smiles

1.Be content and confident with the way You were crafted by God, He never makes mistakes neither    is He a trial and error kind of God. You are perfect just the way You are.

2. In time of want, aid and refuge, call on the presence of the Most High God and He'll never leave         you stranded.

Have A Great Evening Fam!                #Kindly share this piece with a friend.

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