You Can Be Anything But Don't Be Average

Revelations 3:16;
"So because you are neither hot nor cold, I'll spew you out of my mouth"

Average technically means lukewarm, and being average begets average results. It will interest you to know that being average is a sin just like not being either hot or cold. God hates indecisive people, rather, He wants us to maximize our full potential always and all the time.

If you were once below average, and then transcended to being average, best belief, You're growing in a healthy way and you can be more than just average, that way, you keep going higher and higher. Keep thriving, keep pressing, keep pushing, keep stretching, keep moving, don't ever stop! don't ever settle for less, for average is only an insecure state.

Transcending from the average state to the maximized potential state is a fight but never a negative competition. Personally, I'm not good with competitions, I'll so lose so terribly, I run my race my way, my pace and my style, that way I'm a 100 percent natural, comfortable, unique and I attract the right people unconsciously.

Being lukewarm would only pass the wrong signal across which is usually half baked, You can be either hot or cold but don't be stale, never be stagnant! God'll so vomit you because he has promised to. While being either hot or cold, don't choose being bad over being good and don't be in between either, cos You'll only end up disgusting God.

Scriptural-wise, cold signifies "ignorance", hot signifies "overly knowledgeable"  and we are made to understand that God can tolerate the ignorant, is impressed with the overly knowledgeable and irritated with the lukewarm.

Choose wisely the position you want to attain having in mind that God "gat" your back always. *note to self.

Have a great evening guys.

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