We all get distracted at some point in our lives. Our area of respective weakness(es) determines the gravity at which this stronghold termed "distraction" dominates our daily affairs.

Those who know me personally can attest to the fact that I'm a great talker, but then, the only time I get talking are moments when I get to see them. Most of the time, I'm deeply engrossed with work, work, work. Therefore, the next time you see me running my mouth in public, please don't judge me, for those moments are my 'gateaway' moments. *reception of fresh air is allowed abeg. lol

The act of distraction can be likened to the act of a little child whose been held behind closed doors all day long and finally obtains exit to go out to play with other friends in the block. Only a disciplined child would know when to wrap it up for the day. But an undisciplined child would even forget that he/she came from another home.

No one can wholly escape distraction, whether consciously or subconsciously. But it is important to know when to withdraw. Yes, It is possible.

Are you a social media addict? Don't be distracted by how the data bundles are becoming inexpensive by the day, don't waste yourself in the process, it's only a trap! Addicted to Porn? You're selling your soul to the devil! Addicted to the company of many friends? You'll hurt yourself in the process!
Whatever you put before God is your god!

The antidote to Distraction is Discipline.

I'm a typical sanguine with weaknesses attributed to my temperament trait, until I began to master the art of withdrawal, it helped develop my innate melancholic trait which I was clueless about. I'm still a work in progress though but the dramatic change its positive effect had on me is evidenced to all.

What distracts you a great deal? What robs you of  your time? Is it worth it? Know when to return to your cave and get the most out of your productive self; for everything The Maker created was good and He has given each and everyone of us power to dominate the earth.

Ever wondered why He didn't give such powers to His angels?... Subscribe to Discipline and eliminate all shades of Distraction today!

Have an Exhilarating Weekend ahead!

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  1. This is my weakness, sin and Kryptonite that takes pleasure in shutting me down.

    Seems I have not built a better defensive disciplinary measures against it.Until you mentioned it!
    And after reading, this, It will double its scopes to crush me even more. But I shall overcome. It is just that I haven't seen myself take a step to realize that.

    Distraction is like a phase and it breeds in its ugly friends much deadlier than it: Laziness, Sloth, Idleness,etc name it. The only way to evade it is to enjoy doing the things that makes us yearn for more work-real excruciating hard-work- one that is similar to suffering but yields an untold euphoria for success and profit.

    I think now I am energized, it is time to end my Distraction world!


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