Quit Studying!

   Well, don't stop when you are tired, stop when you're done!

Different vocational ventures determine the number of  year(s) of study. First you learn, then, you earn.
No one ever made it to the top without an in-depth study of the choice of trade selected. This vocational venture could be professional or nonprofessional.

It is advised that immediately after study, it is important to head straight to the field (work).

It took Daniel and his companion three years to be indoctrinated into the Babylonian language and the lore of magic and fortunetelling, irrespective of the fact that they possessed great/unique Leadership characteristics that distinguished them from their peers {Peep Daniel 1 for the full account}.

Learning is sowing (investing) and Earning is reaping (profiting).

Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 emphatically states that there is an opportune time to do things, and a right time for everything on the surface of the Earth. It includes a detailed list of the right timing for everything that has life.

Acquire the knowledge you need for a particular venture, afterwards, step out to claim everything you rightfully deserve because there is enough to go round. For studying without putting into practice will go unnoticed, become soar, rot and be gone without a trace.

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