The Foreigner

Ever wondered why a foreigner possess a new territory and move on to do greater exploits? You'll find out shortly...

A Foreigner is a person from a foreign country.

Foreigners who emerge successful do so, because, they have over time unraveled the secret, mastered the principles of survival and tend to back it up with humility, compassion and thanksgiving (whether manipulated or not).

Citing examples of foreigners who did exploits include the "King Kong" Father Abraham, who left the land of Haran for Canaan where he acquired immense wealth and proceeded to settle in the Oaks of Mamre in Hebron.

Samaritans are typical examples of foreigners. The Samaritans were a racial mixed society with Jewish and Pagan ancestry who faced agonizing stereotype.

Some Samaritans who made a lasting impact include the following;
1. The one "Samaritan" leper out of the ten initial lepers who returned to show gratitude to Jesus. The other nine were Jews. Jews are best known for radicality. They believe they are entitled to controlling every means of production. {Luke 17:11-19}
2. The Samaritan woman by the well whom Jesus asked for water. She questioned His unusual action. *Well, Jesus was an unusual specie of Jew. {John 4:1-26}
3. The Good Samaritan who helped the dying man while the other Jewish priest and the Levite left him to die. {Luke 10:25-37}

Foreigners are subtle yet radical; they are vulnerable yet clever; they are initially perceived as weaklings, yet mature to become threats.

In Nigeria for example, Igbos are known to be greatly involved with industrialization and are ably represented in every part of the world.
 Yorubas are known to be great scholars and excel greatly in every venture they dive into as a result of their unique gifting no matter their location.
 Hausas are known to be their brothers' keeper unlike the other tribes, their religion dominates their cause and instills in them the sense of solidarity wherever they find themselves.

Foreigners do exploits because they elude themselves from the distraction of their native land(s) or country, they remain focused towards desired goals, and they never give up; for they are fighters.

Switch location if the need is entailed, but If your native land is the land where your greener pastures lies, you can train yourself by inculcating the distinguishing qualities of a Foreigner, this way being the best you can be, and becoming Number 1.

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