Suffer In Silence!

Who hurt you? Who made your insecurity level skyrocket? Who took advantage of your genuineness? Who told you that you'll never amount to nothing? Be content to let God set things right on your behalf!

Are you suffering over an unjust cause? Suffer in silence.

Jesus' life on earth and agonizing journey to the cross is a typical illustration of suffering in silence. Interestingly, Jesus prayed to The Father at every step or move He made all His life. He endured to the end and emerged victorious by conquering death.

-Some examples of the prayer life of Jesus include the following;
1. After His baptism when He was about to commence ministry works.
2. Before choosing his disciples.
3. Before taking any decision.
4. On the mount of transfiguration with Peter, James and John.
5. At the garden of Gethsemane before he was tried to be crucified.
6. At the cross. etc

Ever wondered why the disciples didn't ask to be taught the logic of signs and wonders but to be taught how to pray? Prayer is Key!

Are you;
* From a dysfunctional home? Suck it up!
* In an awful marriage or relationship? Suck it up!
* Struck with a poor health? Suck it up!
* Psychologically down and tired with the throes life throws at you? Suck it up!
* Painstakingly nurturing your career path and a measurable amount of success is not evidenced? Suck it up!
* Unlucky with meeting the right friends? Suck it up!
* A victim of rape, abuse, torture and other negative vices? Suck it up!
* Living in abject poverty with zero hope assurance? Suck it up!

It is true that a problem shared is a problem half solved, but the best way to suffer in silence is to take it up to the Lord in prayer.

Stop telling your problem to people who ain't close ties, 80% don't care and the other 20% are glad you have them. -Lou Holtz

     A diagram illustrating human division of thoughts.... Most people don't care!

In-depth prayer to God births divine orchestrated strategies used to terminate every shade of negative vice and attribution.

Anchor Scripture:{1 Peter 2:23}
"They called Him every name in the book and He said nothing back. he suffered in silence, content to let God set things right."

Involve God in the equation on a daily basis, trust Him with the ability of altering persecution into perfection and experience accelerated shift in all your troubles. Amen.

Have a Productive day guys!

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