What's your grace level like?  Is it pressed down, shaken together and spilling over like that of Joshua and Caleb?  Can it exempt you from tragic circumstances, misdemeanor or negative atmospheres?

Everybody is exposed to grace but not everybody is disposed to grace, for grace-overflow is birthed by total surrender to the instruction, guidance and absolute trust in the lord.

Grace breaks protocols on one's behalf.

Anchor Scripture: {Numbers: 32:10-12}
"And God angry - oh did he get angry! He swore: They'll never get to see it; none of those who came up out of Egypt who are twenty years and older will ever get to see the land I promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They weren't interested in following me - their hearts weren't in it. None, except for Caleb son of Jephunneh the Kenizzite, and Joshua son of Nun; they followed me - their hearts were in it."

Joshua and Caleb oozed of grace. They were the only ones exempted from the agonizing ordeal that was to befall the people of Israel. They walked in total surrender to the directives of God and they were gracefully rewarded for their action.

Ever wondered why God had to subscribe to swearing? He was deeply moved by their level of loyalty! The fact that they were young adults (youths), didn't deter them from acting upon the commandment of God in swift obedience, believing in Him, having faith in Him, trusting Him and committing their hearts to Him.

How intense is your commitment with God? Only In-depth commitment yields Grace-immeasurable.

Commit yourself today by taking that personal relationship with God to another level and watch your life spill of grace.

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  1. I think I am still scrambling for this though my strength and will fail me.


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