There is Space In The Manger!

    No space in the Inn? he he, look around, there is space in the manger!

There is nothing wrong with starting small, but there is everything wrong with not starting at all. The comfort zone is "artificial."

We live in a society where every one is "rich" and nobody wants to affiliate with the grass root.
In all sincerity, looking good is good business, but never fake it (lie/pretend about it) while trying to make it. There is no sin in thriving. Never be ashamed to hustle. Whatever your hands get to do, do it! For He has promised to Bless the work of our hands.

What are you passionate about? What gets your attention and interest @ a 100%? Start from your level, even at a level which may seem unfair to your status. It may include working as a freelancer or being underpaid in an undesired organization. Here's the heavenly promise: The Lord of the harvest will cause rain to water your field in due season.

Remember Joseph was working in Jail (interpreting classified dreams), Paul was writing (working) in prison, his works (books) are yardsticks for life assessment till date and for the coming generation undoubtedly. Noah worked his ass off with no pay while building the ark (coupled with the fact that he passed through a non-existent Engineering academy). David fought (worked) all the battles to ease the workload for his son Solomon.

When it seems like your wall is falling apart, remember the Blessed Mother of Jesus, Virgin Mary, was due to be delivered of the saviour of the world and all the inns at the time were full, they subscribed to using the manger which was a mockery to humanity.
In all, the three wise men were still able to locate them and gift the Infant Jesus with all they had brought. More so, the infant Jesus grew to become the Messiah and the King of all the Earth and the Heavens. #The favour and blessing of the Lord will locate you today, Amen!

Elude yourself from distraction (material, emotional and psychological needs), Focus on your focus, aim at the goal with strategic alliance, Hold firm on God's word daily and watch the blessings of the Lord locate you at the appointed time; for he teaches us to profit. {Isiaih 48:17}

Feeling low? It's time to rise! No one actualized destiny mourning through the entire journey.

Have a Blessed day guys! It can only get better...

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