20 Things Life Has Taught Me. What Has Life Taught You?

What has life taught me?

1. It taught me not to waste my words on everybody but only a selected(trusted) few.

2. It taught me never to waste today.

3. It taught me to support others and encourage them in my own little way.

4. It taught me how to live and grow daily.

5. It taught me not to expect too much from nobody but expect everything from God.

6. It taught me that beautiful things come in small packages. *winks, lol

7. It taught me that evil communication corrupts good manners.

8. It taught me that there are two pains in life; pains of disciple and pains of regret. It taught me to perpetually choose the former cos of it's many lasting rewards.

9. It taught me to focus my eyes on the trophy and say a big NO to distraction.

10. It taught me to have short memory of wrong done and smile always from cheek to cheek.

11. It taught me that Jesus is the center of everything.

12. It taught me that I'm like fine wine that gets better with age.

13. It taught me to be nothing short of ungrateful.

14. It taught me how to overlook the irrelevant.

15. It taught me that all that glitters isn't gold.

16. It taught me that there are good people around and they are usually diamonds in the rough and that whenever I seek, I'll find.

17. It taught me that fairy tale lives don't just exist in the movies but with  rigorous hard-work, it is obtainable in real life situations.

18. It  taught me how to watch, learn and take charge.

19. It taught me never to be intimidated by no one because at the end, we're all of puffs of air.

20. It taught me that life is beautiful and I should make best use of the resources made available.

Now, your turn...

What has life taught you?

*Trust your day is going amazingly well as always.

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