The Catholic Youths Of Nigeria Are Indeed Taking Over!

For the love of Children allover the world and Humanity, Enhancing Health and Well-being project was masterminded and hosted by members of the Catholic Youths Of Nigeria(Abacha Road Diocese). The idea was to touch lives, therefore thriving to make a difference.

This heart rendering event  took place at St Rita's Catholic Church, Unity Estate Close, Abacha Road on the 27th day of May 2016. It was their own little way of giving back to the society.

Well, spiritual over taking has being legalized and it'll interest you to know that the youths of St. Rita are on their best behaviour this season.

The empowerment programme was targeted to touch the lives of malnourished children and their mothers in the region and effectively communicate to them the dangers and benefits of proper nutrition.

Volunteers among the Cyonites were raised and intensively trained prior to the grand outing in order to assist the resourced  medical personnels  who were sorted out by leaders of the volunteer team. This was to enable them carry out free Malaria, Hepatitis, Hiv and Nutrition test to community members who trooped-in in their numbers.

It was indeed a successful outing because awareness on every designated topic was effectively communicated, participants left the scene with hearty smiles and ultimately with the consciousness of their medical status.

Below are pictures from the outing, enjoy...

         Testing Testing

         Member of the volunteer team getting it right

     The Parish Priest, Rev Fr Stanley Aroh addressing the volunteer team

       Mr Iyke Chianumba, Head of the Volunteer team doing what he knows how to do best

       For the love of children

         Some members of the volunteer team documenting the registration process

    Awwh, the look on babygirl's face. lol

  Mr Iyke Chianumba(Head of volunteer unit) and Mr Jude Okeke(President of Cyon, Abacha Road Diocese) smiling cheek to cheek.

More interesting pictures after the cut...

The Cyonites not only touched the lives of community members, they  put smiles on the faces of  children as well, in the spirit of the Children's Day Celebration.


     The children sure had a swell outing

    Cultural dance display from the lovely children of the Parish

                     Mr Godwin, Host of the event

           Lmao, Legendary! What is Uncle Barney doing and what is Uncle Mickey searching for?

    Children! God's most treasured gift to mankind

Behind the scene photos in preparation for the event.

From the left: Mr jude, Rev Fr Stanley and Mr Iyke. Free of charge ram from Fr. Stan?

        Awwh, It's so cute seeing guys assist with kitchen affairs


       Showing love to the needy.

   They deserve to be loved aswell. Yes, love rules all the time!

   The volunteer team members were all shades of amazing

Inspiring right? You too can make a difference! If you can't feed a hundred, feed one.

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  1. Wow! So so nice. God bless them

  2. Wow.. where have you beenπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†.. this is even better than the news paper edition. Thumbs up Ella.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Franca Chianumba6 June 2016 at 02:35

    A vry interesting and detailed piece. Good job, & may our youth continue to grow 4rm strength to strength with God granting dem all their good hrt desires.......Amen.

  5. Amen guys! Thank you so much for the kind words!


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