Military Mathematics

Military mathematics is a difficult area for many, but with patience and logic, it can be made easy.

Are you impressed by mere Military mathematics?

Well, in this context, the term Military Mathematics literally means people with supposed influence, affluence, power or authority.

These set of people(Military Mathematicians) are usually in their numbers and are emissaries on a mission to intimidate the subtle who are not courageous enough to take charge.

Thing is, He's not interested in the affairs of these Military mathematicians a.k.a bullies, but He is greatly disappointed in the subtle when they act as weaklings who oblige wholly to the administration and admonition of these "Military guys" feeling all intimidated, forgetting that they have a more superior, sophisticated and the most authentic backup.

Isaiah 31:1-2(MSG Translation)
"Doom to those who go off Egypt(godfathers) thinking that horses can help them, impressed by Military mathematics, awed by sheer numbers of sheer chariots and riders-
And to the Holy of Israel, not even a glance, not so much as a prayer to God."

Today's anchor scripture  warns us of the danger that ensues when we put our entire hope on mere "Military mathematicians" because of their great multitude. It spills out the secret logic on their mode of operation, therefore, encouraging us to place our trust in God even when we seem like  a-one-man-squad with zero physical companion to help us fight. It upsurges our morale level never to be intimidated with the numbers of  our opposition, but to stand firm trusting that He'll forever have our back in times of difficulties and challenges because He's always with us if only we could call on Him.

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