A fool is a person who acts unwisely or imprudently.

The word fool isn't an ungodly word. As a matter of fact, Nabal the husband of Abigail, is a typical example of a person who was addressed as a fool.The story of the rich fool can't be exempted as well etc.

There are five types of fools, namely:
1. The Simple Fool; The simple fool opens his mind to any passing thought. He is dangerously immature, extremely gullible and intensively curious.

2. The Silly Fool; The mouth of the silly fool often gets him into trouble. When things go wrong for a silly fool, he becomes angry. He believes that his own way of thinking is always right and reacts to instructions when its offered.

3. The Sensual Fool; The sensual fool is unreasonable. he does not have a mental deficiency, but rather, rejects the wisdom of God. He glories in that of which he should be ashamed of.

4. The Scornful Fool; This type of fool not only rejects the truth, he also embraces that which is abominable to God. He turns a deaf ear to rebuke.

5. The Steadfast Fool: The most dangerous type of fool is the steadfast fool, he totally rejects God and his ways. It is his goal to draw as many others into his evil ways. he perpetually chooses foolishness and rejects wisdom. Only God can successfully reprove a steadfast fool.

God gets overly irritated with fools because he punishes them massively. The book of proverbs gives us so many illustration and insights on the degree at which fools get punished for being too stupid. Don't be a victim, be warned!

Anchor Scripture: Proverbs 18:7
"A fool's mouth is his ruin, and his lips are a snare to his soul."

Today, choose wisdom over foolishness.

Have a great day fam. XOXO

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