Skills101 To Master In The Bedroom

There is this BBM contact of mine who is such a silly boy. How we added each other on that platform remains a mystery to me till date.

This silly promising young man was and is still in the habit of updating porn-related dp's. Whenever I hinted on the need to deviate from such conformity, he'll say I reminded him of his eldest sister and that our plans for him can't work. *lol

He was either putting up a porn-related dp or  snaps from different hotel rooms where he "was enjoying his youth" according to him, or pictures of him boozing up at different strategic locations. This lingered for a long time and still is, but at the moment, at a very reduced rate. *sigh, ama keep attacking him, lol

One fateful day, I asked him what he was doing and he bragged that he was having a swell time a-home and that he just recovered from a hangover. In turn, I requested that he entered his bedroom alone. The excitement he expressed was one of its kind and at the same time really hilarious to me. I pushed some more to persuade him to shut the bedroom doors real good to ensure that no one was watching. After he had carefully done that, I asked him to get on his knees immediately, he replied, "*sexual."

He got disappointed when I asked him to thank God for sparing his life and blessing him with the luxury of life which many lacked, he reluctantly complied, but eventually, he did thank God and that was all that mattered to me...

*Email me to here the remaining part of the encounter. *Never easy handling a spoilt brat, lol.

Skills101 to master in the bedroom include the following;

* Get on those knees and say thank you Jesus at the dawn of each new day.

* Repeat at night before bedtime.

* Get personal with God there; It starts from the bedroom.

* Ensure you meditate on his word day and night.

* Cleanliness is next to godliness, ensure you keep it well groomed.

Have a great day guys! TGIF!

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