Go And Die!

The term "go and die"  is a very popular term, as a matter of fact most people use it when they are extremely angered  and just can't control the negative air no more.

The term can be used  by regular people, and also by people of great caliber, like the case of a one time governor who used the term, making the wave trend for days.

Humans can be pushed into uttering monstrous words which they do not mean to spill, so as God.

In the case of God, the people of Israel pushed him real hard, this triggered the venom to be released.

In Jeremiah 2:29, God revealed through His prophet saying, "I've wasted my time trying to train my children." Then, He moves on to say in Jeremiah Chapter 15, "Even if Moses and Samuel stood to make a plea on the case of these people, I wouldn't feel a thing for them."

He(God) goes on to say to them, "get lost!" "If you're assigned to die, go and die; if you're assigned to war, go and get killed, if assigned to starve, go starve; if assigned to exile, off to exile you go!' I've arranged for four kinds of punishment.

What are you doing so wrongly in the sight of God? Oh, you think there's still some more time to make amends abi? You still think that living life should be that of exercising freedom to do whatsoever you want to do?

There is no such thing as freedom. Humans live by rules, these rules help in the reformation process and failure to adhere tags along with severe punishments.

Don't forget the words, "Go and Die" Don't push God too hard with the numerous atrocities of intentionally committing sin and running back to him for forgiveness, which in turn prompts Him to publicly deny you. Don't push Him real bad to vent irrevocable curses. Stay true to yourself and ultimately, to the Creator of Life and everything good thing around.

Have a rewarding week guys!

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