He Should Not Be Mocked!

We live in a world where there are so many false self-acclaimed ambassadors of Christ, hypocrites, money conscious soothsayers, all-fake-everything kind of preachers.
This post isn't going to judge, criticize or spite no one, but it will indeed serve as an eye opener.

For your information, God isn't concerned about those who play pretend or those with loud speeches and gaudy parades, He's interested in those who serve Him in truth and sincerity of heart.

Psalm 51:16 educates us on  the need to abstain from going through the motion and putting up a flawless performance just to please the people around. Remember that God is watching, and knows our deepest thoughts,secrets, and actions. Why come to the open and pretend about it?

Wisdom entails the fear of God, those who go about this distasteful operation lack the fear God and possess zero wisdom. You can't mock God continually and go Scot-free. The days of reckoning would backfire real hard on whoever is involved in the act.

Be warned! For when God spills out his venom, the effect will be  all shades of disastrous and entirely embarrassing.

Let your way of life or modus operandi serve as the gospel to others, not forgetting that everybody mustn't like you for taking those bold moves but those who do, would do that like their live depends on it.

Have an amazing Tuesday guys.

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