Submit And Live A Happy Life Or...

If you breezed in here, thinking I was going to write about women submitting to their men, you lost! *lol.  I ain't wasting no energy on that. Proverbs 14 and 15 and the rest of the Book of Proverbs would give you the perfect understanding  guiding the union of man and woman.

Dating back to the time of King Hezekiah of Israel and King Zedekiah of Judah, both were likened to the content of the two basket of figs placed in front of the temple that was showed to Jeremiah by God himself. (See Jeremiah Chapter 24 for the full rundown).

One basket contained ripe and quality fig while the other, contained rotten fig. The former was likened to the state of Israel while the latter, Judah.

Israel(the former), adhered to God's rules and like the ripe fig, blossomed, while the latter, Judah, who  continually disobeyed God were likened to the rotten fig that couldn't be eaten.

In the Book of Jeremiah Chapter 24, we see the sultry names given to the ripe fig, such as, "finest-quality," ripe,'' "ready to eat," while the latter was just called "rotten" because it was obviously dead, decayed or had decomposed, no iota of good could be extracted from it so to say. *I really don't know why I'm giving the rotten fig variety of names like dead, decayed and decomposed, lol. maybe I'm only pretending to be nice.*yimu

Back to the subject matter which entailed submitting, God ruled a judgement that entailed that the people of Judah would no longer enjoy freedom but would have to submit wholly to the bad guy(King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon) in order to enjoy longevity, which was to serve as a punishment for continually defaulting.

Well, because He(God) was, and is forever compassionate, and also in the habit of forgiving, He changed His mind same year He pronounced the cruel judgement, even though Hananiah the evil prophet showed up and messed up the situation prompting God to continue with his proposed judgement.(See Jeremiah 28:3-17). *I'm pretty sure King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, pissed Him(God) off big time and He couldn't handle all of the messy drama either which was His reason for his initial change of mind.

Are you suffering or being subjected to perpetual agony or lamentation?  You may have to submit in order to live long while remaining at a spot during the entire process, but the moment you fight so hard to prove how ready you're willing to change or make amends, thereby uprooting yourself from the past, God is always there, stretching out his hands and giving you that olive palm customized specially for you.

*Today, never submit to settling, rather, fight so hard to supersede, not forgetting that you'll have to watch and learn, listen and follow instructions, and ask questions in order to gain clarity. All this and much more will give you a long fulling life.

Have a great weekend guys!

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  1. Very well articulated! I enjoyed the historical backdrop extracted from the bible and I'm certain that was enough to buttress your point. Today people mostly on this part of the world, prefer to sit and watch and be hoping rather than stand and make a move to actualising their dream for freedom. Nothing ever comes to those who sit back and wait, you must make a move in any possible way, no wonder the saying "heaven helps those who help themselves."


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