It's okay to be hot and every shade of hot. As a matter of fact, God loves it flamy, He wants it hot, hot, hot. Yes, that unapologetic kind of Hot.

Many are of the notion that dressing hot to secular events is the ideal thing to do because of the impression people tend to have about you and all. Well, this is entirely legitimate.

Thing is, most people are consumed in the thoughts that the church is the place to look all shabby and homely in order  to be perceived as pious, whoever downplayed on your sense of reasoning lied. As a matter of fact, Psalm 29:2 says, "Dress your best to honour God."

Being appropriately hot is the best way forward; entirely hot in your career path, dress sense, spiritual life, charity life, relationship life and all "the of  kinds of lives" that makes up your composition.

It will interest you to know that fire blazes out of Him, flaming high up the craggy mountains. His lightnings lights up the world(Psalm 97:3-4).

P.S: He doesn't like it lukewarm, He asked that you should be either hot or cold, else he'll spit you out of his kingdom. He loves to identify His own because they are they Light of the world.

*Make sure you're oozing HOTness  today. *winks

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