Hated By The World?

               Amidst the hate, stand firm!

You've ever sacrificed so much for a particular sect and it backfires with wads of different agonizing backlash? You've ever cared and loved unconditionally, yet it went unnoticed and was accompanied with torture? You've ever been betrayed by those you relied on the most? You've ever been made the topic of a ridiculed discussion with the aim of ripping and denting your image? You've ever tried to correct a wrong and they hate you even more for trying to effect a change? Relax, you are not alone! Jesus passed through the entire phases of hate (conscious and subconscious).

Anchor Scripture: John 15:18
"If you find that the godless world is hating you, remember it got its start hating me. If you lived on the world's terms, the world would love you as one of its own. But since I've picked you to live on God's term and no longer on the world's terms, the world is going to hate you."

Back in the days, I was the "IMSU Rihanna" of my time, you'll always get  hold of me wearing crazy/unique hairstyles to match my icons', rocking the latest bum-shorts, blending my church girl status with the things of the world that didn't really matter (I taught that was the ideal way to live), being entirely cordial with the cult guys and the other guys,etc. (I was more of  tom boy). Fastword to my Service year, I matured in the act. I was even nicknamed "Ella4TheBoiz'' you'll always find me at happening parties, hangouts, clubs and other unnecessary outings (I thought that was the ideal way to enjoy my service year and explore my youth like the Bible teaches). *Silly me. The only saving grace was that I was well raised by an uptight mum! I wasn't loose, I was a bookworm who still aimed at my focus and I had the fear of God. If not, ''I for spoil throway." Lol

Then, something happened. The Holy Spirit arrested me and my life changed forever. I still look at the brand new me a times and say aloud, "Somy is this really you?" Trust me, a whole lot changed!

The transformation came with a lot of complicating issues. I lost 99% of my "friends". The supposed "new friends" wouldn't even last long because, I'll end up not dancing to their tune. In all sincerity, it was entirely difficult adjusting to the fact that I didn't have people at my beck and call, coming from a large sized family didn't even help matters. I suffered marathon mood swings most times, other times, I became homesick. This lingered on till I eventually stabilized.

Thing is, nobody ever made it to the top with too many friends. More so, growth is silent. I'm glad that I'm growing! By growing you get to maximize your full potentials and affect the lives around you.

Respond to God's call whenever He knocks at the gate of your heart. It may seem too difficult for a period of time but over time, His glory will shine so bright over your life and place you on every entitlement you rightfully deserve which is his own way of saying, "Well done Child!"

Today, "ignore dem haters jor, they gat norn on u," focus on you, work rigorously hard and be rest assured of a crown acknowledging the reign of your own dynasty.

Have a Hate-free day! *No one achieved great things through hate.

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  1. Now I understand how Buhari is so infested with his Change mantra. He either copied you or you influenced him. Abeg, ask him to unchange this change.
    Its either you transform him or he transform s the change you infected him with.

    All the same, it is not good to hate. The energy to promote it successfully is worthless.

    I like the new you. At least it makes me comment(even if sometimes I wonder if what I am saying is in order)


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