It Couldn't Have Been Any Virgin!

Some religious scholars believe in the school of thought that God randomly selected a virgin and the lot fell on Mary because of her chaste life. Well, at a point in my life, I agreed with those scholars. But hey! God is in the habit of revealing his word to ordinary people like me. *Winks(Permit me to brag in the Lord. He's aware that I love him too much).

Those scholars had a point but they missed it along the way. *I bet they didn't take a critical look at this portion of the Bible:
Mathew 1 narrates that Mary was betrothed to be married to Joseph before the angel of the Lord appeared to her. Interestingly, Joseph wasn't an ordinary man either, who ran out of luck, he was from the lineage of David!

Mary wasn't made the mother of Jesus by accident. Scripture also states in Jeremiah 1:5 as thus:
"Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you."

Also, Mathew 10:30 reads, "And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered."

It couldn't have been any virgin! Before God acts, He plots.

Mary and Joseph were not mere instruments used to welcome the Messiah, they were carefully handpicked and consecrated by God.

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  1. After bragging in the Lord, don't feel guilty that your love for him didn't choose you to carry the son of God.

    Also many will read it this way: 'It Couldn't have been any Virgin- So Mary wasn't one after all, right?' or Why claim one when you said: 'IT couldn't have been any VIRGIN?'

    Rather she was chosen because God found no other Virgin like her and would be an endless debate to select one if there was no "her"!

  2. @Anthony,loooool. No one compares me to the Mother of my saviour. I no reach!When they read through, they'll understand that before Mary was born, she was chosen. *winks


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