When Did You Become A Christian?

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The word Christian took its roots from the Greek word 'Christianos' which means ''followers of Christ.'' Christ (Christos in Greek), means "Anointed one."

The English dictionary described a Christian as one who who relates to or professes Christianity or its teaching.

Well, professing Christianity or its teaching isn't enough. You must learn to be a loyal follower by adhering to the instructions given and learning its principles. To become a Christian, you must first be a follower of Christ.

A follower is a one who moves behind or travels behind someone or something.

You've ever thought you became a Christian the moment you were born or because of the family you were raised in? You lied. The family, the church and other agents of acquiring knowledge about Christianity are just there to set perspectives. Becoming a bonafide Christian entails that one must maintain a personal relationship with God, unravel the hidden treasures of Christianity through the gift of the Holy Spirit, and in turn, affect those around you by the quality of life you live.

Unfortunately, most Church goers are not Christians. Christians are followers of Christ who have carefully studied His (Jesus') teaching, temperament, commands e.t.c and subscribed entirely to them.

The term Born again may seem overrated but it cuts across it being overrated. Being Born again is way deeper than you could ever imagine. Being born again transcends from the "water baptism" to the "Holy Spirit baptism." The latter means being born of the Holy Spirit and allowing the Holy Spirit overshadow you.

First, you must follow the teachings of Christ. Second, you must be born in the Holy Spirit and receive its gifts. The two must come in contact to birth the reality of becoming a Christian. Until then, I'm sorry to disappoint you, you are only a Church goer not a Christian.

To the fallen Christians (those who backslided) due to seen and unforeseen circumstances, you can renew your faith and be reinstated into the family of Christians.

{Acts 11:26 "It was in Antioch that the disciples were first called Christians."}

After several tests encountered by the disciples to ascertain their "followership status" they were first called Christains in Antioch.

Think again. Ever being a Christian? Why did you become a Christian? When did you become a Christian?

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  1. This is one of the best ways of perceiving Christianity.


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