Why You Act The Way You Do {II}

I had a nudge in my spirit to create a basis for the purpose of better understanding and benefit of those "who are yet to identify with why they act the way they do" before I kick-start the season.

Here are the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Four Basic Temperament;

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Strengths:                                                 Weaknesses:
- Outgoing                                               - Undisciplined
- Responsive                                            - Emotionally unstabled
- Warm and friendly                                 - Unproductive
- Talkative                                                - Egocentric
- Enthusiastic                                           - Exaggerates
- Compassionate

 Strengths:                                                  Weaknesses:
- Strong-willed                                          - Cold and emotional
- Independent                                             - Self-Sufficient
- Visionary                                                  - Impetuous
- Practical                                                    - Domineering
- Productive                                                 -  Unforgiving
- Decisive                                                    - Sacarstic
- Leader                                                       - Angry
                                                                     - Cruel

Strengths:                                                  Weaknesses:
- Gifted                                                      - Moody
- Analytical                                               - Self centered
- Aesthetic                                                 - Persecution-Prone
- Self-Sacrificing                                       - Revengeful
- Industrious                                              - Touchy
- Self- Disciplined                                      - Theoretical
                                                                    - Unsociable
                                                                     - Critical
                                                                     - Negative


Strength:                                                          Weaknesses:
- Calm, Quiet                                                    - Unmotivated
- Easygoing                                                       - Procastinator
- Dependable                                                     - Selfish
- Objective                                                         - Stingy
- Dependable                                                     - Self-Protective
- Objective                                                         - Indecisive
- Diplomatic                                                       - Fearful
- Efficient, Organized                                         - worrier
- Practical, Humourous

Having carefully stated the strengths and weaknesses of all the four temperaments, the season has been stirred up to begin with  immediate effect!

Which category of temperament did Apostle Paul fall under? Find out in Tomorrow's post as it'll be dropped like it's hot.

{Proverbs 1:5} "Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance."

Have an Insightful day!

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  1. That is ojoro ooo. I wanted to see a write-up of yours and not a copy and paste image. All the same, it was good but am inquisitive to know which of them you really are!


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