True, there is a thin line between love and hate. Oh well! That thin line is called Knowledge. Hatred emerges from knowledge, Love emerges or is continually sustained by knowledge.

How well do you know that spouse, relative or bosom friend? Some people hate for no just cause, others love with no concrete reason attached. Which category do you fall under? You may have to engage in marathon brainstorming or meditation if need be to get it right this last time.

Interestingly, bigotry is related to ignorance. *That's a topic for another day.

In truth, knowledge takes a lot of time to acquire, reason why the level of divorce, failed relationships and its like are on the upsurge. On the other hand, conflict resolution between divorcees, family and friends are obtainable through knowledge.

The knowledge of a spouse is impossible to know during honeymoon weeks or weekend getaways.

Also, Some people hate God as a result of poor knowledge or ignorance, others claim to love Him because they feel obliged to loving Him (they were born into a tradition or religion where they needed to "just" love God), while those who have seasoned knowledge about Him express their love for Him in the most terrific away ever which is evidenced to all!

For those who genuinely love God, they are greased with "fresh-oiled" inspiration on how to love Him better and be creative about it.

Love is based on the following tripod: Goodness, Knowledge and Similarity.

-What goodness attracted you to love? *These goodness may be misleading often a times. Love shouldn't be based solely on goodness but hey! It must be good.

-Do you have concrete knowledge to soar higher in the journey of love? This aspect should be taken seriously. You need to painstakingly study whoever you are involved with without bias.

-Do you have similarities? Are you compatible with that "love of your life?"

Until you've critically analysed the above tripods and obtained lasting results, you do not have an idea of what love is all about.

Anchor Scripture: 1 John 4:19
"We love because He first loved us."

Have a LOVEly day guys!

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  1. Nice one @ Ella, God bless you

  2. I guess this love applies to your celebration of the Solemnity of the Assumption. Still I agree with you more.

    What will be funny now is the your mindset if I said:"I LOVE YOU". I meant every bit of it!


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