Jesus Recommended Suicide?

Yes, He did. But to a particular group of people though.

These category of people are called "agent of darkness." They go about tempting people and luring them into sin.

Well, "Bros J" has a message to those who are guilty of such acts: 'Wear a millstone necklace and take a swim in the deep blue sea.' He wants those involved to die by drowning: Drowning in an epic way.

Dear Tempters and Temptresses a.k.a babes' le hot and bobos' le cold a.k.a dressers to kill, stay off inciting the innocent into sin with your demonic antics. It's okay to be fashionable but don't go the extra mile of "dressing to kill" anybody. You'll get burnt in the process.

Refrain from such distasteful attitude because the supposed "light" consequence is a death penalty. The just judge, Jesus, clearly outlined the sentence. *No one knows what the actual sentence which is supposedly worse than suicide would look like.

Anchor Scripture: Luke 17:1-2
"Hard trials and temptations are bound to come, but too bad for whoever brings them on! Better to wear a milestone necklace and a take a swim in the deep sea than give even one of these dear little one a hard time!"

He is aware that burdensome temptations are bound to occur, but hey! don't be the architect of the plot, that's all He's warning against.

Have a "Temptation-free" day guys!

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  1. Unfortunately, it this these "le hot and bobos", etc that have a wrong perception of following God. They want to enjoy it both ways- that is wearing what they're wearing or being who they are and worship God in spirit and truth.

    Except you truly don't want to be brought or dragged into the mysterious unending argument and debate of Dress Code, I suggest you make your point(of which you have) and pray you do not get a reproach about it.

    Still, You are very right but try to recommend how they can drop such opinion when(or if) you meet or engaged in one.


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