That Helper May Be Your Helper

(Definition one) of a helper: A subordinate e.g A house keeper, An employee, A messenger.

(Definition two) of a helper: A temporal aid or assistant. This category of "helper" may not be subordinates. They only play a role by acting as destiny helpers or support system to accomplish a task.

Now, merging the two definitions of who helpers are to connect with the title of today's post, "that subordinate helper may be your destiny helper.

Anchor Scripture: 2 kings 5:2-4
"It so happened that Aram, on one of it's raiding expedition against Israel, captured a young girl who became a maid to Naaman's wife. One day she said to her mistress, Oh! if only my master could meet the prophet of Samaria, he would be healed of his skin disease."

vs 14 "So he did it. He went and immersed himself in the Jordan seven times, following the orders of the Holy Man. His skin was healed; it was like the skin of a little baby. He was as good as new."

The slave girl in today's scriptural passage was the link or connect that led to Naaman healing.

Interestingly, the undaunted faith she had in the Holy Man, Elisha, was one of its kind, the unwavering faith she possessed was the first help she rendered which kick-started the healing process of Naaman before his physical contact with Elisha.

For the records, Naaman was general of the army under the King of Aram. He was subject (a helper) to his master amidst his rise in status and fame. Scripture explains to us that "he was important to his master.'' No wonder his master didn't question the directives from the slave girl.

Naaman was loyal to his master and his master reciprocated by loving him unconditionally and thrived to see Naaman cured from his affliction at any cost.

Imagine if the slave girl was maltreated by her mistress, she would have held her peace and wouldn't have linked her boss to a life changing transformation experienced by her husband Naaman.

In essence, treat that helper(subordinate) nicely. Treat that security man or woma good, accord him or her the respect he deserves. Treat that housekeeper good, shower him or her with love void of preferential treatment. Treat that junior employee (Intern) good, correct him or her with love whenever they fault due to lack of inexperience. Display an unusual kind of affection to that vagrant and help them rise from their pitiable condition in your own capability.

In the words of Aristotle, "By goodness and love, by mutual compassion and helpfulness, men become gods to one another."

No matter the status of your neighbour; whether, rich, poor or middle class, they are gods emanated from the Most High God and can help you in times of trouble.

Today and onward, treat that "helper" (definition one) or helper (definition two) real good cos you never know what tomorrow has in store. #ThatHelperMayBeYourHelper

Have an amazing day!

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  1. Now I see why a Subject of higher cadre listened to a subject of lower class to subject himself to the world of a Prophetic subject to subject himself to get healed, has thus become the subject which you have subjected for a Helper(I hope you get?).

    This is the helper I find and renew through you.

    Keep posting and never tire out for your "HELP"mate is at hand!


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