Sometimes, Leave God Alone!

        Yes, leave Him alone. He can't stand your bully ass. lol

If God were human, He would have passed on long ago. *You'll agree with me that the continuous list of problem in the world no be here.

Gen Chapter 1 gives an explicit rundown of how God created the universe and specifically gave man authority over every other creature. This mantle of leadership was vested on man before the fall of Adam.

After the fall of Adam, man was responsible for his welfare. This explains that God expects us to solve some light issues all by ourselves without being overly dramatic while asking for His aid.

For example; Earthly mothers and fathers are responsible for the well-being of their child, they kick-start the nurture phase right from the time of birth of the infant till the child becomes an adult, then, they step aside and allow them fend for themselves which continues the cycle of creation. This is how God operates. He is at the center of our daily activities and well-being. And because He has given man power to dominate the earth, He expects man to act accordingly and stop being overly clingy on some issues that don't matter.

                       Lemme help you answer: No

I had an experience that seemed hilarious to me. I was involved in a bank transaction that didn't go well, the bank debited my account but failed to credit the account of the recipient, this annoyed me greatly, but then, bank had its rule of refunding before 24 hours or having the customer come to the bank to lodge a complaint in order to fix the problem. I called my best friend to share my ordeal but the response I got was epic. The response: "God will not allow you go to bank in Jesus name, you will not have to return to the bank to fix any problem." My best friend continually nagged about it like God was the cause of the failed transaction. lol. Hey! I prayed to God to intervene in my plight so that I don't have to go through the stress of visiting the bank. But most importantly, I prayed for His will to be done (His will supercedes always and all the time). If it entailed I had to go the bank to resolve the issue, then so be it. (My best friend can disturb God for Africa, you'll be ashamed on my best friend's behalf  if I spill out some hilarious things my best friend thinks God should do. *As houseboy wey God be nau. lol). Good-news: a refund was made before 24 hours.

Ask for wisdom and grace from the Most High to handle minor issues. Sometimes, leave God alone to rest "abeg," don't nag at Him! He chooses to do and undo. He wants the best for us and knows the best for us, for he is not a Blind God, neither is He a Dumb God.

Today, Allow God rest "jawi." Praise Him for his faithfulness, stay chaste and watch Him bless you with the perfect gifts. Don't be a problematic child, just like our earthly parents, "God self dey dodge wahala children too." lol

Have a Glam day.

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  1. Lol... as hilarious as this is, I think your friend is right. The mistake we make as humans is that we have this picture of God as a super human, ( human but with supernatural features). Which is totally wrong, and that God chooses to answer prayers based on how scary or how serious. But he has told us that the only criteria he needs for your prayers to be answered is just to ask him no matter how dumb or how lazy you are. I believe the more faith you have, the funnier your prayer requests sounds.. Keep up the good work, cheers.

  2. @Kolade, I understand you perfectly and I perfectly understand the angle my bestfriend was coming from. Lool..sometimes, God needs a break you know. lol. Thanks for the encouragement and of course your powerful comment.

  3. You don break as Matter wey done pass the matter wey Martha get. I am glad you recalled yourself after encountering that reply.

    A good story I must say but it is clearer with your friend's response as Kolade explains it!


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