Practikus Academy Presents Two Juicy Packages...*Sponsored Post

PAC Business helps in rendering professional services to businesses, firms and organizations. These services include Logo Design, Corporate Branding (Letter Heads, Complimentary Cards), Hosting, Website and Mobile Site Development, Web Application Development and Data Base Build.

PAC Education hold its classes and training session for young adults at an institute to help develop and increase students' skills both intellectually and hands-on. PAC Academy teaches courses that evolve around the subjects of Human-Computer Interaction, Web Multimedia, Graphic Design and Data Base management. 

View some of their unique designs after the cut.

 Classes run for a full month at a very affordable Price. 

For further enquires visit:
         or call
+2347019294812, +2349031770655
+233205874851,   +233245498524


  1. Seems you should fix yourself in marketing. But have you applied or among the co-organizers of this?

  2. @Anthony, it is a sponsored post from a blog reader. You are encouraged to apply.


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