What Length Can You Go For A "Friend" ?

"A Friend" is an individual who can be tolerated. These set of people fill in the gap while in the search the real deal. {Mathew 7:7 "Seek and you shall find.}

On the other hand, A FRIEND is that individual who loves more than a biological brother, they are there in times of adversaries and in times of joyful moments. These set of people will never talk ill at your back, they'll defend you to the last. (They are very hard to come by).

*I'm sure most of you can relate with the above meanings of  "A Friend" and "A FRIEND" respectively.

Well, whether they are being tagged A Friend or A FRIEND, they remain relevant in our lives and constitute a portion of our livelihood.

The Big Question.... To What Length Can You Go For A Friend?

Here is a "not so comprehensive" list of the length I can go for A Friend or A FRIEND;

Personally, I've not being lucky walking down the lane of genuine and lasting friendship. But when the word "friend" is involved, be rest assured that I'll have your back.

I can't imagine me sacrificing myself life for my sake, but I've sacrificed my life for a friend in the past (on two occasions). "This sacrificial attitude" transpires by reflex to ensure that my friend is doing just fine.

I can endure so much pain just to ensure that a friend smiles (most of the time, it goes unnoticed).

I can spend sleepless night(s)  fighting to get a friend out of trouble

I'll never talk ill about a friend (unless I'm badly hurt). Even at that, only one secretive person will hear it. This is to enable me ease off.

I can put my resources in the line for a friend (I have a big heart).

I can give a 100% support to a friend in order to maximize full potentials and in turn be inspired.

I can do tons of "osho free" stuffs for a friend *I'm only a sanguine, what do you expect?

I can have "too much confidence in a friend ehn." *The result always backfires (Maybe cos I'm always involved with A Friend, not A FRIEND).

I can can give a friend multiple "benefit of doubt" because I was taught never to write people off too easily (I'll let go of such friend immediately I realize they are frenemies).

I can share confidential stuffs with a friend (These days, I seal my mouth most of the time).

I always express unconditional love to a friend (I have short memory to wrongs done).

As a friend, your secrets are safe with me.

...And once in a blue moon, I could make petty mistakes and annoy that friend. Reason is; I keep it real and only a Human Being, never being a perfectionist. *The last time I checked, only God was perfect.

Some people have Friend(s), some are lucky with finding A FRIEND(S), others are lucky with finding a Soulmate. Whatever your case may be, be grateful for the one you have and never give up in the pursuit of all round happiness.

*My heart goes out to those with no FRIEND or SOULMATE. May loneliness never become your daily meal, Amen.

{John 15:13 "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for a friend."}

To What Length Can You Go For A Friend?

Have A Productive Day!

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  2. We should show love anyways be it friends or FRIEND. There is this popular standard: Love your neighbour as you love yourself. This is not easy knowing how we can be as humans but we should constantly try looking beyond our nature and lift our efforts to God... He will constantly grant us the grace we need to go the extent we should.

  3. Thank you Friendly FRIEND Or FRIENDLY Friend. You truly know how to do it!


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