Are You Paying Attention?

Wherever you are be all there- Jim Elliot

''People may not tell you how they feel about you, but they will always show you, Pay attention.''

Are you paying attention?

Paying attention cuts across listening to a conversation, it entails perceiving body languages and acting upon it as well.

Often times, the most important decisions are made when we are not paying attention. Are you paying attention to the signs or just moved by mere words or 'justifiable' actions?  Relax and start the evaluation process allover, it will show.

Signs are gestures or actions used to convey information or an instruction. Uninterestingly, not all signs are physical.

In a world filled with more negativity and less positivity, watching closely when others are carried away is a sensitive attribute to inculcate.

Pay attention to people, pay attention to the signs in your life, and pay attention to the world around us, And You'll Win...

Have a Lit Weekend  ahead Guys!

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