Flush Their Evil Schemes And Love Them Even More

"Evil schemes from manipulative people don't utterly leave us heartbroken, they teach us new techniques to operate with."

In search of a bosom friend, I fell into a situation worse than a Ponzi Scheme.

The supposed "new bosom friend" was such a motivational speaker, little did I know he was trying to win me over and take advantage of my sacrificial nature.

Imagine doing a strenuous business proposal on credit which cost you so many sleepless nights and brainstorming days... 
Imagine graduating into lending the same person an amount money because they claimed you were their last resort with the excuse that their money was tied to a fixed deposit, assuring you that immediately the investment is broken, they'll pay you in full and even add an interest for your patience and kind gesture... 
Imagine being lied to for many months with many excuses manufactured from the lake of hell...
Imagine having to stare at the custom-made birthday gift you earlier went out of your way to do for the exact same person with the intention of planting a hearty smile that'll make them blush from cheek to cheek all year long and in the coming year...
Imagine the regrets that emanated from disclosing family, relationship, platonic and confidential issues to that same person whom you thought reasoned just like you and was literally your nonidentical tribal twin and confidant....

 Irritatingly frustrating right? That was one of the distasteful scenarios I encountered in year 2016.

Anchor Scripture: {Romans 12:21}MSG Translation
"Don't let evil get the best of you, get the best of evil by doing good."

The devil doesn't operate from hell anymore, he dwells among God's people on earth with his ambassadors strategically positioned at every corner of the earth blending into its population, scouting for who to kill, destroy and steal from.

You'll meet the good, bad and the evil, none is without significance.
Never alter any admirable personality because of them. Rather, painstakingly learn from them and acquire new admirable personalities, this way building reasonable amount of wisdom tips that will surge up your value forever.

In the same vain, if any demonic ambassador hurts you or tries to get at you, flush the hurt (just like the "unwanted" content in a water closet is flushed into a soak-away to maintain a distance),  keep them at arms length and love them even more from their well deserved distance.

This way, nothing tampers with your joy, peace of mind, and your many extravagant blessings  freely given from above. You'll be glad you did.

Have a High-Spirited Day Guys! #Happy Holidays

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