Sword Of the Spirit

All who speak in tongues should pray for the power to interpret.
''There are different tongues, none is without meaning''-1 Corinthians 14:10
Speaking in tongues releases the sword of the spirit for spiritual warfare. Familiarize with your ''spiritual sword'' if you have received yours, master its mechanical use, know how it operates, and run with it. In the same light, never ridicule or impose tongue-speaking on those who haven't receive theirs, rather; be patient with them and with God, create a spiritual foundation, nurture it, and cement it. This way, you'll empower your subject with the freedom to independently envisage exploits and obtain their many gifts freely given by the Father.

I sprang up from a religious background that amplified 'speaking in tongues' as a rare gift not accessible to all and disposed to a few. But then, I read my Bible again, this time; more critical, extensive, and in whole.
Currently, I'm trying the word, testing the word and deducing my findings about the word. Indeed, it's been adventurous! Never really understood the magnitude of how big God was/is, and how in-depth His words pierced through, until I went seeking.
Well, uncommon understanding begets uncommon substance.

From a controversial piece I recently bumped into, written by John MacArthur, the author made some relatively sensible statements. "The holy spirit does not gift people with languages just to make interesting noises," was one of them, but then, I began to disagree with him when he claimed "Individual speaking in tongues amongst a congregation is chaotic, especially to unbelievers."

My reaction: God is not an author of confusion!

He failed to establish his facts with two or more Biblical scriptures(witnesses), referencing only 1 Corinthians 14, which didn't give his deduction a touche landing.
The truth is established by two or more witnesses.

Literally, when everybody is talking, no one is talking. Same principle doesn't apply in the spiritual realm when the Holy Spirit is involved. It overshadows its victim, one of its signs is "Babbling of Tongues.''
Kings Saul and David were products of the ''overshadowing'' anointing.  *Peep 1st&2ndKings
Apostle Paul and his team were the first to legally experience the Sword of the Spirit during the Feast of Pentecost. *Peep Acts 2.

In all, the primary purpose of our spiritual gift(s) is for edification.
Today, Edify your Sword Of The Spirit, Personalize it, and Run with it.

Have a Rewarding Day Fam!

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