Whatever overloads you to gives you unrest is a baggage!  It is a long-held attitude perceived as a burdensome encumbrance.

Anchor Scripture: {1Samuel 17:38-40}
"Then Saul outfitted David as a soldier in armor. He put his bronze helmet on his head and belted his sword on him over the armor. David tried to walk but but he could hardly budge.
David told Saul, 'I can't even move with all the stuff on me. I'm not used to this.' And he took it all off.
Then David took his shepherd's staff, selected five smooth stones from the brook and put them in the pocket of his shepherd's pack, and with his sling in his hand he approached Goliath.

There is no shame in being yourself! Fake people have to deal with a lot of baggage because they live in denial and self deceit.

If a 24 inch indian hair and artificial nails is naturally burdensome to you and wouldn't allow you sleep well at night, but because of the desire to belong to a particular group or class of people, you have a baggage on. 
If you're unnecessarily fatigued because of the fake accent you have to put up all day to impress people, you have a baggage on.
If you have too many (unscreened) friends, you have a baggage on. No one made it to the top with too many friends.

Whoever doesn't accept you for who you genuinely are doesn't deserve you. God is obsessed with The Real Deal. Real attracts Real, Fake attracts Fake. Be patient with God to merge you with your identical.

David emerged victorious because he got rid of the baggage. Imagine if he did otherwise by subscribing to the imposition of Saul, God plans wouldn't have been effective in his life.
A baggage doesn't doesn't give room for strategic alliance and flexibility, rather, it creates tons of  new burden(s) that was(were) nonexistent.

Could it be you're not where you ought to be because of baggage you have on? Identify that BAGGAGE today and discard it into the abyss.

Have a Productive Day Fam!

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