You Are Not That Important To The Devil

News Flash: You're not that important to the devil.

As a matter of fact, the devil terms you insignificant, you almost don't exist in his sight.

Since the devil's disgraceful exit from Heaven, all he ever tries to do is get back at God as an act of revenge.  The sole reason he played the pivotal role of crafting Adam and Eve's ruin can be linked it.

Anchor Scripture: {John 10:10}
"The devil comes only to steal, to kill and to destroy"

From the above anchor scripture, we take to cognizance that nothing good can come out of the devil. His antagonizing role can be likened to the role of an antagonist warring against a lead character in an action movie who indulges in perpetuating every good.

The only reason he torments humans is because he is jealous of the unconditional love preferentially expressed by God to them.
Literally, the only way to get at anybody you detest is to go after that which they treasure or guard jealously.

...and that's all the devil tries to do.

An idle mind is the devil's workshop. Steadily equip yourself with the word and around the word. Never create a room to tolerate his antics, if there is ever going to be a room, let be a WAR ROOM.

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