Faithlessness Doesn't Terminate His Faithfulness

A Faithless man is one who remains untrue to what ought to command his fidelity or allegiance, but a Faithful man is one who is loyal, dependable and is prudent in all things.

Anchor Scripture: {Romans 3:4}MSG Translation
"God keeps his word even when the whole word is lying through their teeth."

Subscribing to faithlessness doesn't terminate God's irrevocable faithfulness, for He is full of grace, wisdom, virtue, power, and glory. He owns it all and decides who to extravagantly hand a portion to.

Our wrongdoing only underlines and confirms God's rightdoing. Our bad words don't even make a dent in his good words.

Faithlessness distants us from the blessings He extravagantly dishes out on a platter, but faithfulness grants us access into the citadel of Faithfulness - God.

Choose Faithfulness over Faithlessness and larch unto the one Faithful God who promises to stick by our side and never let us down, for he cannot disown Himself.

Have a Faithful Day Guys!

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