But I'm Only 17

Somy: Your choice of songs are not tastefully put together, you know the lyrics to all the noisy songs on your cell phone, It's awkward that you do not have a single godly-based song with meaningful content.

Ife: Ahn ahn, Somy, but I'm only 17

Somy: In shock* Wow, seriously?

The above ridiculous conversation ensued between I and my baby sister, I was ashamed on her behalf, but unfortunately, she thought her response was really cool.

You try to correct the 21st century teen, and the distasteful feedback you obtain is "but I'm only 17." Only 17? Really?

News Flash: A lot can happen at age 17!

(Timid) Timothy was called into ministry at age 17

Seventeen year old Nick D'Aloisio set the internet on fire when it was announced that a smartphone he created in his spare time has been bought by yahoo at a whopping $30 Million.

At 17, award winning Belgium based Austro-Nigerian photographer, David Uzochukwu earned accolades from Canon, Flickr, and EyeEm, who named him their 2014 photographer of the year. His client include the Opera Nationale de Paris and Adobe Photoshop. he is also involved in appearnces and humanitarian movements.

Dear teens, never limit your abilities, so much can happen at age 17 and below. Ever imagined channeling the amount of hours invested in seeking pleasure from social media platforms into brainstorming and birthing witty inventions that would earn local and international recognition? It'll be a touche!

You're never too old or too young to dream a new dream and act upon it.

Hey! You'll never remain age 17 for a long time. Seek wisdom, indulge diligence, work creatively and never limit your mind, for your mind is your starting point. What you conceive, you can achieve.

Have a Great Day!


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