New Flame

Whatever 'unapologetically' tickles your fancy at the inception (especially unplanned) is a new flame. Give it time, the tickling will subdue and naturally adjust to its status quo.

Every (new) flame can be rekindled overtime, but this time; planned and deliberate.

Ever wondered why the value of an emotional speech or music that once set your heart on fire the first time it was heard, diminishes or reduces its 'spark effect' the second time it replayed? or the high rise motivation that engulfed you after reading a portion of the Bible or an Inspirational Book that affected your next decision making? or the high-blood-pressure that trapped you until you eventually maintained a (healthy) meaningful conversation with that 'crush' of yours? It's typical. *winks

In your (new) relationship with God, spouse, associations, family, etc, You'll storm the New-Flame-Effect which will diminish, continually making deliberate moves to rekindle the flame, cements its lasting illumination.

Today, Try new things, Spark new flame and Keep it blazing.

Have a Promising Day Guys!

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