Your Prison...

At some point in our lives, we'll all get imprisoned. No one can escape it.

A prison is a building to which people are legally committed as a punishment for a crime or while awaiting trial. Also, a prison can be referred to any restrictive environment, such as a harsh academy, home or zone.

There are Two types of Prisons. They consist of the following;
i. Physical Prison ( a building for the convicted and awaiting trial persons)
ii. Psychological Prison (a harsh restrictive zone)

The physical prison is an undesired arena to be confined in. It's effects can be traumatic, especially when those convicted of a particular crime are supposedly innocent. Other times, it is a rehabilitation home where convicts or awaiting trial persons come out reformed and become better citizens.

Unfortunately, some people pass through both prisons...Well, the Psychological Prison is the bone of contention in today's post.

Any state that makes you unhappy, dissatisfied or depressed  is YOUR PRISON. It could be as a result of demeaning insults from a loved one, family crisis, debt, stagnancy, mid-life crisis, hardship, a dissatisfied job, lack, zero support system, impossible ventures, near death experiences, worry, sickness etc.

The jail breaker for every (psychological) Prisoner is Prayer. *This is easier theorized than practicalized.

Anchor Scripture {Luke 22:41-42} MSG Translation
"He pulled away from them about a stone's throw, knelt down, and prayed, 'Father, remove the cup from me.' But please, not what I want.What do you want?''

Pain/Psychological Prison isn't an easy venture, from the above anchor scripture, we'll take to cognizance that even Jesus wasn't a ''suffer head.'' He dreaded anguish, yet, He put on the armour of contentment, accepting His fate.

Prayer helps to lighten the load, because it is an act of lifting up of our hearts and minds to God in silence or in words. It simply means communicating or sharing our thoughts with God. Literally, a problem shared is a problem half solved and that's what prayer does.

It'll interest you to know that prayer isn't enough. Backing it up with contentment and thanksgiving (which is usually an impossible act during the incarceration phase) is the only means of sustenance and the eventual prison break (break through).

YOUR PRISON term is YOUR TRIAL phase, pass through it gracefully and emerge a Victor.

Have High-Spirited day Fam!

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