Are You A Story Teller?

People always fall for the storyteller especially the girls. lol

If you are not a story teller or a renowned orator, then you should reconsider.

Like we know, Jesus was in the habit of dishing out stories on a platter. Well, they were not just ordinary stories, they were peculiar stories that fulfilled destiny.

What kind of story are you telling? Are they filled with nit-chat gossips? If they are not otherwise, then it's that time of the month to swipe that petty story with an upgrade.

The Holy Book of Mathew dishes out amazing stories (Parables) about forgiveness, the use of talents,  the cursed fig tree, the wise and foolish virgins, etc. All who listened to Jesus were saved, astonished and filled with bewilderment craving to know where He originated from and to investigate his progeny.

Today, avoid nit-chat stories and fill the ears of those listening to you with earthly stories with heavenly meaning.

Have a great day!

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  1. Ella, don't we all love stories! Our parents told us fascinating stories of how they always came tops in class. Every parent I know occupied the first position academically in class! What we need to know is that stories can shape destinies or destroy lives.

    Armed with this knowledge, it becomes our responsibility to verify the AUTHENTICITY of any story, however plausible it may sound, because what we do or not do as a result of it could have far reaching consequences.

    Young girl, what is that handsome dude telling you?
    Voter, what is that politician telling you?
    Viewer, what is that TV program or movie telling you?
    Disciple, what is your pastor telling you?
    Business man/woman, what is that business proposition telling you?

    Verify all you hear. Don't be gullible.

  2. Kc that's with discretion, or as it is said:"taking the story with a pinch of salt", required in every story you hear.So if this appeals to you and very well, then it should be among the"AUTHENTIC" you ought to listen to any and every time.

    No one needs to tell you the extent or exaggeration of how some stories are told as no one needs to show you a real story. It is all left for the individual and the more they open up the more we adapt with our parameters of accessing and identifying one.

    Ella, I hope that was a recommending story enough!

  3. @Kc and @Anthony. You two nailed it. Thanks for the share. I'm inspired. We should not fail to be guided by the Holy scripture, this would give us discretion to ascertain between good and evil illustrations.


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