Be Like Rats...

As a young girl, growing up in a rat infested house was one of the sight I dreaded the most. These rats would run from east to west with zero control. Trying to trap them was one of the most impossible thing to do until my dad eventually got mad at their ever increasing numbers (whenever Mother Rat popped out some more litters) and decided to end the nightmare forever.

Until then, these rats possessed undaunted and outstanding wisdom.

Initially, when their infestation started, my late mum prepared sumptuous poisonous meals to trap them to their death. The disadvantage about this technique was the great issue it posed, locating their foul smell whenever they died was a tedious search to venture into. *living or dead, rats can hide for Africa. This technique lasted for a short while because these "sense rats" eventually figured out the trap meals were poisonous and stopped eating them. *Haa, lol. 

I can't stand rats. While storming into absurd stories over the internet, I realized some people adopt rats as pets. *Tufiakwa, lol, Individual differences though.

       E.g: This woman. hahhahah *laugh with me                     

Amidst all the brouhaha rats are involved with, rats are one of the most powerful creatures living beneath the surface of the earth. Reason is: They are master improvisers.

As timid and as insecure a rat looks, it improvises with ease. It is creative enough to hastily route a safe zone during danger. 

As helpless as a rat may seem, it is independent. Rats are professional scavengers, they step out of their comfort zone to ensure that they are well fed and in good shape.

As dirty as they seem, they still freshen up and maintain perfect health. 

As happy as they seem when you try to entice them with goodies, they still have trust issues. *They'll never trust you if you don't belong to their tribe.

As little as they appear, their athletic and calculative skill is enviable.

As tender and innocent as they seem when trapped, they'll still devour your belongings and upgrade their defense mechanism skills if they were given a second chance to live.

You don't necessarily have to be as annoying as a rat, but yes, it's safe to say you can "be like a rat" and imitate its interesting qualities. *Winks

Have a good day guys!

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