Stolen Bread

Stolen bread tastes really good right? Yes it does. The unease and unrest with your troubled conscience comes immediately the once tasty bread is entirely consumed.

Exodus 20:15 commands, "thou shall not steal."  There are repercussions for theft. Some of these repercussions come in light sentences, some in  medium sentences, others in grandiose sentences like death penalties.

Who have you stolen from? Were you caught red-handed?  Well, it doesn't matter, It's advised you return it back and make peace with the owner, your soul and ultimately with God.

Anchor Scripture: Proverbs 20:17
"Stolen bread tastes sweet , but soon your mouth is full of gravel."

No one deserves to have a mouth full of gravel, form your purpose by asking for good counsel, then carry it out using all the help you can get.

Have a great Friday guys! Holiday is over, ntoor! lol

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