Dual Personality

From the literal context, dual personality is a psychological  disorder  in which an individual possess two dissociated personalities. Here, the individual has identity problems.

From the realm which is above other realms where I tread and take my bearing, it means otherwise.

Dual personality from the Biblical context entails that;

1. One must be cunning as a serpent  & at the same time
2. Inoffensive as a dove.

Here, serpent depicts wisdom and dove depicts peace. If you don't know how to switch personalities when the need arises, you'll be used, manipulated and left to suffer (especially when you are inoffensive as a dove).

For example, for a firm to outdo its competitors, the firm must be cunning as a serpent, possessing tons of strategic ideas on ways to make their way through to the top or retain the first position if they are already leading. Another example is how "I phone" cunningly outsmarted "Nokia" In an emotional speech by Nokia CEO, he said, "we didn't do anything wrong, but somehow we lost."

Being inoffensive as a dove on the other hand entails possessing similar traits as a dove. Below is the "dove personality trait"

Anchor Scripture:Mathew 10:16
"Be cunning as a bird, inoffensive as a dove."

Today, let's go about doing good and know when to switch our dual personalities when needful.

Have a great day.

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  1. Tnks Babe. This is one piece dat is a must read. Thumbs up

  2. In our time, the serpent personality is the predominant trait exhibited by most people. like you pointed out knowing when to switch is key. Nice piece.

  3. @Akputa and @Chinedu, thanks guys. To God be the glory.


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