Put Your Name On It!

You've prayed so hard with zero result? Then it's about that time to put your name on it!

Watch how I personalize these Holy Scriptures. You believe you're a conqueror? Tag along, substitute your name and let's do this together.

By the way, my native name is "Somto" so I'm going to take turns swapping from Somto to Ellahillz at random. *Winks

Mathew 6:33; Somto, Seek first the kingdom of God and all other things will be added unto you.

Psalm 40:6; Somto, Don't be after being religious and acting pious.

Acts 3:26; Ellahillz, You're first in line.

Gen.2:19; Whatever Somto called them, that was its name.

Eccl 5:8-9; Somto, Don't be too upset when you see the poor kicked around, and justice and right violated allover the place. Exploitation filters down from one petty official to another. There's no end to it, and nothing can be done about it. But the good earth doesn't cheat anyone.

Ecc 7:21; Ellahillz, Don't eavesdrop on the conversation of others.

Haggai 1:8; Somto, Build God's house.

Romans 9:25; Ellahillz, I'll call nobodies like you and make them somebodies.

Ecc 11:1; Ellahillz, Be generous, invest in acts of charity. Charity yields high returns.

Mathew 10:10; Somto, Start, you are the equipment, you don't need a lot.

Ecc 12:1; Somto, Honour and enjoy your creator while you're still young.

Zechariah 9:12; Somto, This very day, I'm declaring a double bonus for you, everything you lost returned twice over!

2 Smauel 7:8; Now, I'm making you famous Ellahillz, to be ranked with the GREAT NAMES on Earth.

Proverbs 26:4; Somto, Don't respond to the stupidity of a fool, you'll only look foolish yourself.

Psalm 16:9; Somto is happy from inside out.

Proverbs 21:23; Somto, Refrain from gossips, whoever keeps her mouth and tongue, keeps herself from trouble.

1 Thess 5:24; Ellahillz, The one who called you is completely dependable. If He said it, He'll do it.

Habakkuk 2:2; Ellahillz, Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.

(Anchor Scripture: Job 22:28)
"Decree a thing and it shall be established."

You've carefully followed this act of declaration? Then have a productive day and enjoy the best days of your life streaming in.

No Blogging Without You, Thank You For Visiting.


  1. Tnks Ella. Dis made my day.Thumbs up

  2. Somto, Tell ellahillz that Tony" will rejoice in its Maker" as he personalizes Psalm 149.

  3. Somto, Tell ellahillz that Tony" will rejoice in its Maker" as he personalizes Psalm 149.

  4. @Tony, lool. ur head is der.


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