The Filling Station

A filling station is a facility that sells fuel, gasoline and engine lubricants for vehicles. Filling stations are one of the necessities that gives one a functional life.

From the metaphysical realm, The Filling Stations are where humans en-route to fill themselves with concrete substance. It transcends more than just filling the body with any kind of substance, rather, filling it with soul foods that would help develop all three part of the human composition which comprises of the body, soul and spirit.

Where do you refill? What substance does your filling station infuse into you? Do you get (divinely supernatural) fuel, gasoline, and other engine lubricants as the need arises?

These are rhetorical questions to be answered individually because the amount of input determines the level of output. If the fuel purchased at your filling station can't take you long distances even after purchasing full tank, then, this is due to alteration in the fuel pump, mismanagement, and other negative factors and such filling station should be discarded with immediate effect.

Today, ensure that you are getting not just fuel from your filling station, but also gasoline and other engine lubricants(wisdom, holiness, sound teaching, e.t.c), because they are life support system to the body, soul and spirit.

Choose the right filling station.

Anchor Scripture: Psalm 81:10
"Open wide your mouth and I'll fill it."

Have a Fab rest day Darlings.

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