Impure Thoughts

As Mortals, we are prone to having impure thoughts every now and then. This include; bitterness, anger, revenge, envy, covetousness or even indecisiveness towards relationships goals. These stated vices have become the order of the day.

Gripping unto God is the only way out cos He alone delivers and is the only escape route.

In order to terminate every impure thought, we'll have to upgrade and renew our personal relationship with God each day, flee from temptation and every occasion of temptation.

Occasion of temptation are the root causes of impure thoughts which may eventually lead to sin. Subscribing to the "Avoidance theory" is the only way out.

Anchor Scripture: Psalm 34:4
"Turn your back to sin, do something good. Embrace peace."

Today, cut off every avenue of impure thoughts and see everything working for your good.

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  1. Strong Words there. So deep that it takes a even stronger puritan to cure such impure thought.
    But say, good things have come out from such thoughts. Even you know!


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