The Magical Power Of Sleep

God had 6 working days to his credit but rested on the 7th day. Well, He was God and it wasn't recorded that He slept at any point. Psalm 121:4 informs us that, "He watches over us and  neither sleeps nor slumbers."

Interestingly He put Adam to sleep in order to perform a surgical operation of extracting one of his ribs to form Eve. All this wouldn't have being possible if Adam wasn't put to sleep. Same applies to practical surgical operations in our time, where anesthesia is given to induce sleep.

Like they say, rest is good after labour, it entails the act of sleeping which comes in between.

Sleep is important and compulsory for the human development. As a matter of fact, humans were structured to sleep. While sleeping, the brain goes into leisure, the mind goes into relaxing mood, charging it up with renewed strength to continue work.

After an activity filled day, sleep. After so many sleepless nights, sleep even more. As a matter of fact, endeavour to sleep daily, this way, you ease off tension and stress, and maintain a healthy lifestyle void of crisis.

Anchor Scriptures: Psalm 3:5
"I lay down and slept, I woke up again, for the Lord sustained me.

Luke 8:23
"And as they sailed, He(Jesus) fell asleep."

Today, ensure that you inculcate a good sleeping habit in order to sustain your vigor and vitality towards work.

Have a great day and a rewarding week ahead.

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