The Handpicked Servant

          The Handpicked servant is a slave to humanity...

Fix your eyes at the handpicked servant cos
He's loved so much,
Take delight in him, He's being placed with unrivaled spirit.
He decrees justice to the nations,
He doesn't need to yell or raise his voice at that,
there's no commotion in the streets.
He doesn't walk over anyone's feelings,
nor push one into a corner.
Before you say "Jack" his justice triumphs.
The mere sound of his name signals hope
even among unbelievers.

Who is this handpicked servant?

His name is Jesus.

(Anchor Scripture: Mathew 12:15-21)

Were you at any point handpicked by an organization or an association, fix your eyes on the Handpicked Servant and emulate his unique leadership technique.

Have a great day!

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