Prophets are persons regarded as inspired teachers or proclaimers of the will of God.

On the Friday, Ist of  July 2016, at exactly 10:14 am during my study on Prophets, the divine meaning of Prophets was revealed to me as thus;

P- People
R- Raised
O- Off
P- Principles
H- Heralded
E- Exquisitely
T- Teaching
S- Salvation

Prophets were raised by God to shake people into attention.

Anchor Scripture: Joel 2:28
"I will pour out my spirit on every kind of people; your sons will prophesy, also your daughters."

As a matter of fact, all men and women are legible to becoming prophets.

(See Amos 3:7) Amazingly, God does nothing without first telling His prophets the whole story.

It will interest you to know that we are all prophets and are entitled to prophesying into areas that affect us. Notwithstanding, this entitlement must be worked upon and developed in order to maximize its full potential.

Being a prophet is our birthright and rightful inheritance.

Today, let's extensively use our birthright and rightful inheritance to bring to reality all that has being placed in store for us. Prophesying entails the use of words to activate heavenly promises such as; healing the sick, breaking generational curses, changing any situation that is not well deserved, etc. All these are possible because we are speaking spirits.

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