An Ode To My Dear Mum!

I spent her last days with her, it's somewhat relatable why I'm always in my feelings each time the thoughts of never going to see my mum again creeps in.

I hope you like the Ode I composed for her...

It goes thus;

She used to be my gainful stalker
Cute mum, sleek mum, extraordinaire overtaker
Oh death! How dare you forsake her?
Now she's gone to rest with the maker

Ye devil you're happy now?
Ye storm you're settled now?
Yet torments you disembodied now?
Wish the hand of time could roll back right now

But hey! Life transcends in stages
Tantamount to queen and sages
Swiping through the pages
Only the memories can be locked up in cages

Aye! I know she secured in my heart
Leveling every crooked path
Eliminating every evil dart
Acknowledging my profitable thrives with several pats

I miss you Mum. I love you Mum. I got you Mum, even in death Mum

#Kisses from the other side.

Yours Truly,



  1. Happy Belated Mother's Day to her, no doubt She's in a better place now.
    Your poem is awesome...composition 100, rhyme 100 100.


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